Things to do in Key West, Florida (2021)

Known as the Conch Republic, Key West is one of many islands that are part of the Florida Keys and is home to the infamous Key Lime pie amongst many other delicacies (i.e. conch fritters). Key West is also the Southernmost point in the USA and is only 90 miles from Cuba! Key West is a great vacation spot for couples, families, and friends as there are plenty of things to do to keep everyone satisfied. I recently visited in August 2021 with my family and had the best time ever! If you visit during this time, definitely bring a hat, shades, neck fan, and sunblock (always necessary) as it was extremely hot and humid during the day. For example, the weather channel stated that the temperature was 88F but outside it would feel like 101F. The “feels like” temperature is accurate and will really help you plan what to wear during your visit. At night or early in the morning, the temperature was much more tolerable.

The best months to visit Key West are from November to March for more tolerable weather. For better prices, it is best to visit anytime after March and before November. Keep in mind that hurricane season in the Atlantic Ocean is from June to early November so make sure that your hotel has a flexible cancellation policy just in case you have to change your plans.

In the video above I have comprised a list of things that you should do during your visit to Key West that will help make your itinerary planning a little bit easier. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Things to do in Key West, Florida (2021)

  1. Hi, a little bit late posting. I enjoyed reading your blog, interesting to know Cuba is only 90 miles from the Florida Keys. I agree Key West was everything you said it was: relaxing, hot, humid, in need of sunblock, shades & a hat. You always give great suggestions on hotels. Especially the thought on flexible hotel cancellation policy, just in case of bad weather during your time of travel. Thank you our Jetsetter.

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